Clearly, there is a need to educate the misinformed respondent who says, "you can’t call me" or "I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry" and believes survey, opinion and marketing research calls and telemarketing calls are the same. In response to statements such as these, interviewers could say:

"I understand how the federal law may be confusing, but research calls are not included in the federal regulations that apply to telemarketing calls or subject to the Do Not Call Registry. We are not selling you anything; we are conducting research and would just like your opinion."

Facts Respondents Should Know

  • Eliciting, not soliciting. You are not selling anything; you are a researcher asking for the respondent’s opinions.
  • Federal law regulates telemarketing. Telephone survey research is exempt from the federal telemarketing laws, and the National Do Not Call Registry, including those laws that require compliance with do not call requests.
  • How they can be added to your internal do not call list. They should also be informed about how soon that will come into effect and what it means.
  • Additional information. Respondents may obtain free information about telephone consumer rights from both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).