IA Annual 2022

A Time to Celebrate & Inspire! - THE Go-To Event for IA Members

April 4-6, 2022

Philadelphia, PA

We celebrate exemplary work by both brands and agencies proving the indisputable role of insights in driving business impact.

Join fellow brand and agency leaders to work beyond mere messaging to lead action and incite essential change in our research, our organizations, and the world around us.

Sustainability, Diversity, Equity – brands are being challenged as never before by values-driven consumers. 

We’ve got the data and front-line experts to guide brands through today’s critical issues and show insights agencies how they can deliver the (equitable!) insights needed to (authentically!) connect with consumers.

Lean into each session to better understand…

- Why demonstrating the business impact of insights has become an imperative and how we can all successfully communicate the value we deliver to the bottom line.

- The reasons why some insights sectors are soaring and others are scrambling.

What’s next for ResTech and how it stands to impact your processes.

- How to improve diversity and equity – both in the workplace and in our research.

Scoring high for originality, practicality, and impact, the best proposals chosen by our expert committee will be presented.

That means case studies you can relate to and research-on-research that can aid your processes and boost data quality.

This is an event for established leaders and those on the rise. A forum to co-engineer solutions and commit to a meaningful, integral, prosperous future for insights.

Join us!