2018 Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC)

About CRC

Now, you only have to attend ONE event to learn about the most impactful new research methods and meet the leaders taking insights into its next iteration: CRC

If you’re a corporate researcher, CRC was designed for you. All presentations are selected to help you evolve your skill set, elevate the insights mission and advance your position as a strategic partner. You’ll see groundbreaking approaches at work and hear diverse perspectives on topics determined by your peers to be the most important now.  If you're a research provider, you will gain a better understanding of client needs and, with our new SPARK app, can connect directly with attendees seeking the services you offer.   

Private Events for Corporate Researchers: CRC offers speaker presentations, brainstorming discussions and networking events. These opportunities provide candid insights from your peers with minimal commercial distraction – a comfortable environment that can only be found at CRC.

More Topics for More Research Roles: In parallel with Monday’s corporate researchers-only program, we are offering research provider-only sessions focused on building meaningful relationships and demonstrating ROI for your clients – all included with your registration!

Ideal Size: CRC’s size maximizes networking and educational efficiency – you’ll have plenty to choose from but also never feel lost in the crowd. At CRC, you can comfortably build a network of peers while sharing solutions that result in immediate impact.

Best Value: Designed exclusively for corporate researchers by corporate researchers, CRC is built to fit your needs. All networking functions and meals are included in your registration fee, bringing unparalleled value at a fraction of the price of other conferences.

No Infomercials: Every speaker and topic is selected for their real-world value to corporate researchers. No speaker slots are sold. Quality education results from CRC’s unbiased agenda.

Practical, Applicable: Presentations are creative, topical and cutting-edge, covering issues that matter and providing new ideas that you can implement today.

Additional Opportunities to Learn: Recognizing that research providers are often instrumental in solving your challenges, CRC partners with top-notch suppliers who staff their booths with educators, allowing you to learn on your own terms.

About Us: CRC is produced by the Insights Association, a not-for-profit association that ensures that all proceeds from our conferences, as well as all our other programs and initiatives, are invested back into the industry to support legal, image, value, quality and business advocacy, as well as education, networking and other support initiatives. Your participation in CRC helps to ensure that the research and analytics industry and profession thrives.