2016 Insights & Strategies Conference

Innovation Lab

Make sure to plan a visit to the Brädo Innovation Lab at ISC! 

The Brädo Innovation Lab is a one of a kind mobile prototyping suite that is changing the game when it comes to front end innovation. The Innovation Lab is custom designed for rapid prototyping and features everything needed to not only creatively ideate, but to actually develop 3-dimensional new product ideas on the spot. The Lab includes modeling software, 3D printers, laser cutters and even food extruders to 3D print edible food concepts! 

Transferable to your location of choice, insight and brand teams, agencies and consumers come together to ideate and produce new products or packaging. Prototyping in The Innovation Lab with customers ensures your innovation initiatives stay grounded in insight and saves significant time and money by allowing you to fail faster and optimize on the fly. 

Stop by the Brädo booth (409) for a tour of The Innovation Lab and be sure to attend Brädo's presentation, "The Future of Insight-Led Innovation", to learn more about how your brands can charge confidently into innovation with a focus on insight and rapid prototyping. If you want to sign up for a tour in advance, please send an email to kim.bowers@brado.net with your name and preferred time.

See you soon!