2016 Insights & Strategies Conference

Why I'm Attending ISC 2016...

Kristin McDaniel
This will be my first ISC and I am thrilled to attend. I look forward to meeting and networking with others in my profession. Being new to the association industry, I am particularly interested in some of the opportunities my peers are facing and how they are using research to drive change and remain competitive.

— Kristin McDaniel, AD: Market Research & Brand Management, RSNA

Todd Lue
We’re looking forward to learning how to really generate excitement in the executive suite around the reams of market research data we collect.

— Todd Lue, Sr. Market Research Manager, Northwest Evaluation Association

Julie Kurd
MRA conferences are just the right size for us all to meet one another, expand our thinking, share conversations with our peers, get inspired, ask questions and eat bacon for me.

— Julie Kurd, Business Development Lead, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Chris Hauck
I’m a new member of the MRA and this will be my first ISC. I am excited at entering a new channel for growth and learning for my company. We are looking forward to developing this new relationship and meeting new people. We are heavily involved in the graduate programs in marketing research and now are branching into the MRA. The conference offers us an opportunity to hear what the industry is saying, understand the issues of the industry and continue to build our relationships and connections. There are excellent speakers and sponsors, I am excited to take it all in and meet a lot of new people.

— Chris Hauck, Partner, Lynx Research Consulting

Maria Henson
I'm excited about the Burke Institute sessions at this year's Insights & Strategies Conference. I am passionate about creating research reports that are effective and educational as well as engaging and inspirational. Being able to glean more from the pros in this area is a spectacular opportunity for me.

— Maria Henson, Manager, Market Research & Insights, Visit Orlando®

Candice Rab
I’m really excited to attend my second ISC because last year I left early and missed out on a lot. Our business is changing rapidly and I’m optimistic that the content at the ISC will help me and my company stay on top of those changes.

— Warren Kurtzman, President/Chief Operating Officer, Coleman Insights

Candice Rab
As someone who has recently transferred from marketing communications to marketing analytics, I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and learning from industry leaders.

— Lindsey Hinkel, Social Media and Market Research Specialist, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation

Candice Rab
I always look forward to MRA events! I’ve come to expect a fast-paced agenda with plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and be inspired. The fact I get to run into old friends and colleagues that share a passion for our industry is a bonus.

— Candice Rab, SVP, New Products, Luth Research