2016 Insights & Strategies Conference


ISC Takeaways

Talk with dozens of experts face-to-face. Learn from industry heavy hitters in person. It’s one thing to read books or blogs; it’s another to see the most important people in the industry today presenting in person and follow-up with them in a sidebar, face-to-face.

Find friendships that matter, support that lasts. We all know that networking is important but too often it feels glib and superficial, merely adding another name to your contacts or another connection on LinkedIn. Not so at ISC. You will meet like-minded colleagues and just might forge relationships that last for decades. MRA members are rich with these experiences.

Gain competitive advantage via eureka moments! With all the fresh ideas, lessons, and perspectives being thrown around, you may be surprised by how many attendees leave with breakthrough ideas for their organizations or milestone realizations for their careers.

Collaborate around the industry’s friendliest water cooler. We all know that much of the most important business is conducted not in the board room, but in the hallways and around the water cooler. With so many of the industry’s rock stars gathered in one place, who might you meet?

Learn more about MR and market yourself and your organization in the process. With so many people in the industry gathering at this event, what better opportunity to raise your visibility?

Discover trusted partners. In just an hour or two of visiting the expo, you can learn more about what’s hot — and about what’s coming around the corner — than you can in days of research online or elsewhere.

Recharge your passion for the profession. Change your scenery and revitalize. It’s tough not to feel stagnant at times but there’s nothing like getting out of the office — especially to an awesome location like New Orleans.