2016 Insights & Strategies Conference

30+ Reasons to Go

3 Essential Keynotes

  • Me, Myself, and Us — Harvard’s favorite professor will amplify — but also sometimes contradict — traditional personality theory
  • Insights Below the Surface — The New York Times best-selling author of Drunk Tank Pink will share how to see insights below the surface to reveal subliminal cues
  • Inside the Minds of Millennials . . . and Plurals — A senior editor from The Atlantic will decipher the consumer habits of Millennials

3 Future-Focused General Sessions

  • Research Technology Entrepreneur Power Hour — Unilever curates a special hour revealing developing or emerging technologies that are changing the MR playing field
  • State of the Industry Panel — Five industry icons tackle challenges facing marketing research, from being a respondent to legal compliance, and discuss the state of the industry as a business and concerns for the future
  • We Are How We Eat (And Work) — An MR expert with a passion for intelligent shopper insights shares how you can ignite change, be inspired and thrive as a researcher in a changing landscape  

16 Remarkable Breakout Sessions

  • The Rise of the Context Comfortables — A brand differentiation expert explains how the Internet of Everything is changing everything we know about content, context, loyalty, and environments and how ‘Context Comfortables’ are leading the way
  • Health Literacy in Research — Three health research experts pinpoint the salience of health literacy in marketing research and the potential trade-offs for healthcare professionals and researchers
  • How Qual Can Take CX to the Next Level — A long-time practitioner explains how qualitative and quantitative research yields a more complete understanding of customer behavior that looks beyond rational thinking to include the emotional and subconscious
  • Breaking up With Your Brand Tracker — A corporate researcher and a brand planning expert will explore the arc of one company’s brand tracker evolution — key hurdles, strategic impact, economic advantages and future evolution
  • Customer Journey Planning as a Competitive Advantage — A veteran strategist, using big data and qualitative research together, reveals how brands can shape their customers’ journeys rather than react to the journeys customers devise for themselves
  • The Future of Insight-Led Innovation — A fiercely creative guy reveals how he discovered the future of insight-led innovation through overnight prototypes, prioritized insights, and inviting the customer in. Fail fast. Win big. Reduce costs. And it works.   
  • Experiencing Vs. Remembering in Research — A veteran corporate researcher shares side-by-side comparisons of in-the-moment versus memory-based research to recognize and compensate for their alarming differences
  • Collaborating on Quality to Prevent Data Disasters — A survey guru tells how to identify the latent characteristics within commercially-available sample sources that might severely impact research outcomes
  • No Smoke Without Fire: Bringing Market Research to the Aggressive Entrepreneurs of America’s Fastest Growing Consumer Industry — A serial entrepreneur explains the role research has had in the burgeoning cannabis market. Got weed?
  • A New Experience Currency for a Changing Economy: How Share of Experience is Growing Delta Air Lines and Other Brands — Two MR data experts make the case why the industry should opt for Share of Experience over Share of Voice as an accurate and predictive metric
  • The Illusion of Customer Loyalty — Two analytics experts show that every customer, even a loyal one, could leave for better options. The trick is to identify the triggers that challenge loyalty and could cost you a customer . . . or gain you one.
  • Where Are All My Homophobic Facebook Friends? — A market intelligence expert combines large-scale survey data and qualitative social media research to derive lessons about peer pressure and aspirational bias that can be applied to market research and brand marketing
  • The Genius of Simplicity: Finding Insights by Understanding How Consumers Simplify — A brand management and qualitative research leader divulges how consumers simplify products and services in order to make decision-making easier as well as how understanding that process can yield fruitful, powerful marketing decisions
  • Improv for Insights — The Second City comedy troupe will use their expertise in improvisation to help top-notch researchers discover richer, more emotional consumer insights and create better, more effective ensembles with their collaborators
  • Customer Inspired: How to Achieve and Sustain Growth in the 21st Century — Executives from leading global organizations engage in lively panel discussion to share how customer inspiration is infused throughout their organizations through dialogue, empathy and experiences
  • Become a Strategic Superhero! — Learn five super powers and proven techniques to develop high-performing insights professionals plus tactics for fighting evil forces that block strategic thinking and hinder successful outcomes

8 Inspiring Workshops

  • Second City Workshop: Storytelling for Insights Leaders: How to Tell the Story of What the Data’s Telling You — Insightful comedians (aren’t they all?) help you develop captivating stage presence and lyrical storytelling skills. You will be a star. 
  • BrainJuicer Workshop: Writing 5-Star Concepts — Award-winning communicators share their secrets for articulating concepts in a winning format to better capture and engage your audience
  • Burke Workshop: The Lost Art of Presenting Marketing Research Studies — A brainstorming and communication sage shows how to move beyond academic reporting that smacks of 100 years ago to instead engage, entertain, and lead to action
  • OneTeam Workshop: Lead From Where You Are — A personal growth and leadership authority illuminates why organizations need team members to become leaders when needed and discusses how to optimize your talents for maximum growth and agility
  • Solstice Strategy Workshop: Bringing Balance to Your Workday — Two wellness gurus show how to blend timing management tools, stress reduction tips and mindfulness to unlock your inner Zen to become happier and more productive
  • Burke Workshop: Storytelling and Toolkit for Marketing Research Reports — A brainstorming and communication expert delivers 60 rapid-fire tips in 60 minutes flat that will enhance your ability to deliver memorable research results
  • Market Strategies International Workshop: 50 Shades of Consumers — A consumer advocate delves into the four types of consumers and uncovers how to best engage each type
  • Burke Workshop: Moving From Findings to Insights in the Next Generation of Reporting — An ideation and communication authority offers an overdue definition of what an insight is and explores tools to move beyond delivering mere findings to delivering insights

Plus 9 networking opportunities, including a blowout Expo Opening Party and an evening in N'awlins!