2015 Corporate Researchers Conference

PRC Credits

Life gets busy. Sometimes it's easiest to knock out all those continuing education credits at once. With the addition of our courses, you have the opportunity to earn 11-23 PRC credits at the Corporate Researchers Conference! Here's the breakdown...

Earn PRC Credit Hours at CRC

Research providers: 11 possible credit hours
Corporate researchers: 15 possible credit hours
Optional training courses (available to everyone): 8 additional credit hours

Each attendee will earn PRC credit hour for each hour of education, with shorter sessions prorated into fractional credits. At CRC, you will have the ability to earn both research and legal credits. View the Agenda

What is PRC? 

The Professional Researcher Certification program (PRC) is designed to recognize the qualifications and expertise of marketing and opinion research professionals. The goal of PRC is to encourage high standards within the survey profession to raise competency, establish an objective measure of an individual's knowledge and proficiency and to encourage professional development. Achieving and maintaining PRC validates the knowledge of the market research industry and puts researchers in a select group of like-minded professionals. It's a visible badge of distinction, demonstrating for all your professional skill, commitment and dedication. Learn more about PRC