2015 Corporate Researchers Conference

Why CRC?

CRC St. Louis speakers Joe Hopper and Roxanne Gray on a planning call...

I've been twice and I just think it's the best conference ever. I'm really excited about it and I tell everyone. I just really enjoy how relaxed it feels and the substance and the richness and I always learn great stuff."

We've had several people from Wells Fargo go to it over the years and I've heard great things about it, so I'm glad it's my turn!"

No doubt you've been to many conferences over the years. Some good. Some, not so much. Last year, CRC attendees reported that it had evolved to become really strong. If we're to continue our upward trend, 2015 will have to be really, really strong.

So, for 2015, we've improved it. A lot. Here's a quick behind-the-scenes look at a few ways how:

A Next Gen Approach to Education

  • Awesome Keynotes – Tom Wujec is a TED veteran, Autodesk Fellow, problem solver, prototype-advocate. You've probably seen Dr. Golbeck's famous "Curly Fry Conundrum" TED talk (if not, go ahead and watch - she'll follow up at CRC!). Samsung's Manvir Kalsi and Scott Lazarcyzk will show us how they built the innovation process that helps Samsung continuously churn out "The Next Big Thing." And Annie Pettit, Ph.D. and Marc Alley, PRC will face off in a debate about Big Data.
  • New Content62 more speakers from Wells Fargo, AOL, Microsoft, Vail Resorts, Hershey's, Taco Bell, United Way and more will cover a wide range of research topics, from concept writing to CX to digital analyics.
  • Strict Vetting – Only one in four speakers makes it through due to an insanely high standard for quality. We've actually received complaints that choosing between multiple high-value sessions running simultaneously is brutal. The good news? There is no wrong choice.
  • New! Crowdsourced Research – Jeremy Gutsche's research team will be interviewing every corporate researcher attending CRC St. Louis, leading to a special lunch-time report and a mini book about our critical themes, opportunities and best practices. The telephone interview will be quick, but closely related to your experience, so please be sure to take part!

An Environment for Real Dialogue

  • Ideal Size – This "right size" conference of ~500 feels relaxed, intimate and uniquely supportive — the ideal size for collaboration.
  • New! Team Discounts – Coming to CRC as a team means starting a dialogue that will last all year. Check out the pricing page to learn more.
  • Future Lab – Experience some of the best conversation starters marketing research has to offer: drones, oculus rift, and consumer research in virtual reality.
  • Carnival & Dinner Party – Monday night we're taking the party to where all the fun is anyway — the Expo! Imagine the best giant dinner party you've ever attended. Add 50+ brilliant exhibitors bearing gifts, plus great food, open bar and lots of entertainment. This is where you'll run out of business cards.
  • Dinner Party at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery – Tuesday night, after a tour we'll host all our new friends for dinner and libations (can you guess which brand?) at A-B’s iconic brewery, a unique and popular St. Louis destination for obvious reasons. This is where you'll toast to new partnerships!

CR-Only Day

  • CR-Only Workshop – Tackle your biggest business challenges! After Wednesday morning's keynote, research providers will head home as corporate researchers form 20 CR-only structured workgroups and spend 2 hours brainstorming their toughest business challenges.

    After lunch, the 20 workgroup leaders will deliver 90+ minutes of rapid-fire solutions-sharing and Q&As for all CRs in attendance. 

In-Person Research Training Courses

  • New! In-Depth Courses – For the first time, we're offering four-hour MR courses onsite. Storytelling, behavioral econ, conjoint and more! You'll attend 2 (of 5 offered) for an added fee.

This is just a partial list. The full agenda can be found here.