Welcome to spring and The Corporate Researcher Issue of Alert! magazine.

Glance at your tablet, smartphone, computer, television or the front page of your newspaper. No matter the outlet, media everywhere includes screaming headlines about the significant disruption this past winter brought to residents in just about every corner of the U.S. Similarly, vast amounts of data (from research conducted internally at MRA and elsewhere) have told us that corporate researchers are faced with disruptions of technology, relevance, time and money.

For this issue of Alert!, contributors rushed to submit their opinions – and possible solutions – in a variety of areas affecting corporate researchers. Additionally, many authors provided compelling content outside this central theme that is of interest to all researchers, regardless of their role.

In “Corporate Researchers: Loving Their Job, But Not Their Career?” (page 28), Kathryn Korostoff shares findings of a recent online study conducted by Research Rockstar among corporate researchers. The findings reveal areas of highest job satisfaction and unique challenges surrounding opportunities for advancement for this special segment of the industry. The article by Sanjay Kumar Rao (page 32) informs readers on how the concept and reality of marketing decision support systems can provide executives with real world, time-sensitive intelligence. And, among other important editorials, Robert Passikoff, Ph.D., addresses many of the challenges facing corporate researchers due to a more complex marketplace, including ways to optimize research efforts (page 22).

From a global standpoint, Richard Thornton writes about crucial considerations and challenges for the marketing research industry as a result of the rapidly changing world and differences between countries. (See Globalization in Market Research Holds Many Considerations for the Industry, page 16.)

We hope you find value in these and other editorials, as well as the special Marketing Research Provider Directory (beginning on page 43), which highlights companies that offer products and services of value for corporate researchers. As always, we look encourage and look forward to your feedback.