I still remember purchasing my first respondent list for BuzzBack, wondering how does this all work!  Fast forward years later the Market Research World has evolved so much.  As SVP Operations at BuzzBack, my days are forever changing which keeps it interesting to say the least.  I have led our Operations team for the past 15+ years as we have grown to 46 employees with offices in the US and Europe,  and spearheaded our focus on Quality and executional excellence that's led to our work for the top global consumer product and healthcare companies, plus communications and technology leaders. 

As the definition of Ops has changed over the years, I've had to seek partners who could compliment our changing needs -- whether sample provider, translation partner, or new and unique tools that we can implement into our studies.  I like to describe my team as 'lean and mean;' there are 3 of us, so we put a lot of emphasis on having great partners who can adhere to our Quality standards and help us 'get the job done.' 

For example, here are just a few of our accomplishments over the past year:

  • 30% increase in transactions with compressed timelines – with no increase in human resources, our team handled 30% more projects compared to a similar period last year
  • Implementation of rapid concept testing and database program, with thousands of concepts across all of our clients
  •  Development of online dashboard for above program – enabling both databasing of proprietary scores as well as seamless automation (from field to PowerPoint in 2 clicks).
  • Shoring up our Pharmacovigilance – including critical procedure development, training, implementation/monitoring as a critical requirement of global healthcare client
  • Innovative Mobile development with introduction of new BuzzBack Swipe technology (Tinder for idea screening), with custom visual interface, proprietary mark-up technology, and dashboarding.

Also, as one of the BuzzBack 'originals,' I love being in a culture of passionate people – we're proud to be named to Crain's Best 100 Places to Work. My boss says I am one of the culture-setters, and I actually find my 'job' fun. (By the way we're looking to build our team if you know anyone…)

I am thrilled to be a member of the Insights Association especially the Greater New York Chapter.  It's a great network to meet new people, share ideas and experiences as well as making new friends along the way.  I especially love that I can pick up the phone or email people to bounce some ideas from or figure out their process works and leverage some of their ideas.