1. Recently there were two market research related apps in the New & Notable featured section of the iPhone app store. How about that? If you were looking for an indication that market research has arrived, this might be it.

The first app is researchjobs, designed for the Market Research Society-UK based research association. It's a job hunting tool just for market researchers. http://www.jobboarders.com/forum/topics/madgex-launches-research

The second app is FieldAgent, billed as the first app that pays you. It allows you to sign up for mystery shopper assignment notices as well as survey opportunities. The folks at Field Agent pay you $2 to $8 for completing assignments. www.fieldagent.net

And the next time you're in the app store, search "market research" and see what you find.

2. I was reading a book on my iPhone using the Kindle app, and noticed you can now see popular highlights - 19 people highlighted this phrase, etc. Maybe this has always been a feature, and I just discovered it. But there it is - more market information just out there for the using. What information have you stumbled upon that some clever market researcher could harness?

3. There was a market research start-up exhibiting at the trade show at South by Southwest Interactive this year - www.askyourtargetmarket.com. Have you seen other companies providing this service? At this price?

Melissa Pepper, PRC, is the CSO of Tammadge Market Research, Inc.


Question number 3. Indeed, something that was previously missing for DIY-research folks, which is easy and affordable access to target groups for online interviews.
You can also check www.surveypirate.com. It connects to online respondents from international access panels in a similar way with instant price quotation. You can get from 10 to 1000 completes, 25 countries available, limit for number of questions is 50 or so.

- Julia Ivars 05/26/2010

FYI - I just got my first "assignment" from Field Agent. Drive 30 miles to a WalMart and take a photo of a cosmetic section. I will be paid $4.00 for this. Since the $4 won't cover the gas to get there and back, it will be curiosity that motivates me to take on this task. I'll keep you posted.

- Melissa Pepper 05/26/2010