Response to telephone surveys is decreasing by several points annually despite our best efforts. Arbitron’s telephone surveys consist of very short interviews designed to inform respondents about the radio ratings diary survey, to gain consent for the mail diary survey, and to collect information about the household needed to send the survey materials and differential treatments. To increase consent, Arbitron employs mail prealert and conversion contacts whenever possible, detailed interviewer selection process, extensive interviewer training and interviewer incentives and streamlined questionnaires. This presentation will include results of research tests designed to increase telephone response together with other methods of increasing response that have been implemented over time.

Use Pre-Alert Notice:

  • Small thank you card
  • Include chocolate
  • Cite 800 number and website for verification for interviewing.

For Business-to-Business Pre-Alert:

  • Hand delivered expensive gift, before the phone call.

PDF of Cralley's presentation at the RC Workshop.