We like to pick big, bold personalities as our opening keynotes. As soon as we found Tom Wujec, we knew he fit the bill for our upcoming Corporate Researchers Conference

october 3–7 • St. Louis

The Corporate researchers conference

CRC is the best place for corporate researchers to learn from each other.

He's a fellow/spokesperson for a software giant called Autodesk; they make the software that helps everyone from engineers and architects to animators at Pixar do their thing. The TED veteran (five talks!) and author and editor (five books!) will kick off CRC by teaching us how to employ what he calls "wicked problem solving". Are you including stakeholders in your problem solving process? Tom says that's the way to hold better meetings - meetings that engage stakeholders in the data and swap push for pull, talk for make, and take for give. There's a visual component of this, too; you're really in for a treat.

Here's a sneak preview.

Why you'll love this talk: As a business school grad, the swift insult stung a little, but the lesson was spot on. In school, we're taught to perfect a business plan until the time runs out (or our finals are due), but in the real world you usually have to curtail planning for prototyping. This is why we marketers have to test, test, test!

After this, check out another TED talk by CRC's closing keynote, Dr. Jennifer Golbeck!