The information in the TED talk below was part of Jennifer Golbeck's keynote presentation at the 2015 Insights & Strategies Conference

While we occasionally invite highly rated breakout speakers to return with new content, we've never given a keynote two turns on the big stage. That will change at this year's Corporate Researchers Conference.

october 3–7 • St. Louis

The Corporate researchers conference

CRC is the best place for corporate researchers to learn from each other.

Dr. Jennifer Golbeck is the exception to that rule – not only because of her absurdly high ratings, but because many ISC attendees specifically requested Dr. Golbeck's return and more of the nitty gritty details of her work.

Why you'll love this talk: Fun, weird, sometimes creepy data stories you can tell your friends. For example, find out how Target knew a teenage girl was pregnant before she told her parents (hint: it's not because she bought a pregnancy test).

For those who have been in my company since ISC, this is the speaker I can't stop talking about. She's a computer scientist who studies homophily and predictive analytics. She's brilliant and entertaining and interesting and she can handle a heckler, too (I've seen it). What's not to love?

The skeptics will say, Aren't these spurious correlations? Find out more about that at CRC! Dr. Golbeck will discuss the types of insights computer science can find and will delve into 1) which parts of them are meaningful in other contexts, 2) which outputs to trust, and 3) exactly how these algorithms can be applied for unique and useful research results. Prepare to grow some gray matter.

P.S. Check out another TED talk by CRC's opening keynote, Tom Wujec!