Survox, an Enghouse Interactive company and provider of multi-mode survey automation and integration software and services, announced the introduction of version 8.8.14 of its Survox Platform. 

Built on CfMC engines, the Survox platform is comprised of fully automated (IVR), computer assisted (CATI) and web (CAWI) surveys. New features include advancements to cross-study quota controls, improved international study support, more flexible web themes, improvements throughout the jQuery and JavaScript libraries, improved respondent voice file management, and new sample workflow options. Augmented by advanced quota control and integration with analytics platforms, the company's multi-mode survey methods provide researchers with the means to precisely target respondents, easily manage complex sample requirements, attain quotas, integrate with multiple third-party vendor platforms, consolidate multi-mode survey data, and optimize research call center operations.

“With the powerful upgrades we have made to Insights Research, Insights Hosted Managed Service and Insights Agents, users can seamlessly customize their respective instances to be leveraged as an extension of their team, not just software,” continued Porter. 

Note: Survox, Inc., was acquired by Enghouse Systems Limited in September, 2017.