I believe that the power of research should be available to organizations that are built on the foundation of helping people. Our company recently launched a pro bono research program, and we hope it will inspire you to launch your own.

While attending a non-profit presentation at the Market Research Association’s CEO Summit in February 2015, Tim Hoskins, president of Quester (and a member of the MRA Board of Directors and 2015 volunteer of the year), was once again reminded of the need for research within organizations doing the greatest good. “Research is a very powerful tool and when used to its maximum potential it can reward any organization, including non-profits, with the means to exponentially grow, which is why the employees at Quester decided to launch the nationwide Quester Cares initiative,” said Hoskins.

We understand that many organization elect to forgo marketing research due to the lack of resources and time – typically non-profits who do amazing work, and dedicate their resources to the people and causes they serve. Quester Cares wanted to help these organizations overcome their obstacles by harnessing the power of research to help them more effectively communicate their message and to truly connect with more people, in a more personalized way.

From September 9, 2015 to December 31, 2015, Quester accepted proposals from national and local non-profits who met the following criteria:

  • builds public involvement and support
  • is strategic
  • accomplishes specific goals and objectives
  • is located in the United States

Proposals were reviewed by an employee Council at Quester’s company headquarters during the month of January 2016 and in February, Quester announced that Food Bank of Iowa was selected as the inaugural recipient to receive funded market research.

Food Bank of Iowa, which serves as a distribution hub for nearly 400 partner agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters in 55 counties, is looking to ramp up its communications and fundraising efforts to attain the resources needed to accomplish its goals of ending hunger in Iowa. They want to better understand their audiences, what they know about the organization, what they know about hunger in Iowa, and how they compare Food Bank of Iowa with other organizations.

“Working with Quester will provide Food Bank of Iowa with the insights we need to improve our outreach activities and help to grow the organization. We are very grateful for Quester’s generosity and we are eager to get started,” explained Danny Akright, Communications Manager, Food Bank of Iowa.

“Each person in the state of Iowa who uses or supports both Food Bank of Iowa and its resources has a story,” explained Tim Hoskins. “The words those audiences use to tell their stories and experiences have tremendous meaning and that’s what we will dig into to help the Food Bank clarify its purpose and mission and how to deliver it. We are excited to work with Food Bank of Iowa and others as we start planning for applications in 2016 and beyond.”