A marketing research software company is bringing artificial intelligence to "automatic sample delivery," which "will make fieldwork more efficient while drastically reducing sample waste."

Cint, the world’s Insight Exchange, announced that it has launched an AI-based automatic sample delivery, which spans across all types of panel sources, including hosted double-opt-in, single-opt-in, API-connected and real-time sampling traffic. By using its proprietary AI-based technology, the system samples automatically on an individual panelist basis and will field needed interviews within the required time periods.

Users of Access Pro will experience simplicity through sampling automation. By simply defining targeted audiences, Cint’s AI-based sampling technology will collect the completed number of interviews within the defined field period of the study. By using machine learning to continuously teach Access Pro about individual response rates on panelists connected to the Insights Exchange, Access Pro can now create recommendations on sample sizes needed for individual quota cells. Then it can take action on sampling, evaluating actual response rates and base new decisions on new data and continue to fill quotas to simplify the life of the user. Users will, as before, be able to control what panel sources they want to engage with and will have full control of targeting, quota settings and Cint’s routing technology, Cint Optimizer.

Cint contends that organizations using Access Pro will increase client service by spending less time on fieldwork activities and more time on tasks that are creating true client value. Basically, Cint suggests, "organizations will improve efficiency and increase speed to complete client sample projects."