Research Now SSI, a global leader in digital market research data and data services and an Insights Association member, has continued to build out its SamplePlus Voter solution by partnering with several national voter file and data management companies to provide pollsters, PACs, public opinion researchers, and non-profits with more accurate political research data. The company has announced a partnership with Data Trust, a premier voter file and data management company. The expanded partnership enables more accurate online polling leveraging Data Trust’s extensive collection of voter data.  

With Research Now SSI’s opted-in, deeply-attributed panels, pollsters are gaining access to more reliable, trustworthy voter opinions. As it becomes increasingly difficult to engage voters via phone, this new offering allows Republican and conservative pollsters to merge Research Now SSI’s online political survey responses with telephone responses from the robust Data Trust voter file. Research Now SSI is the only market research provider that can collect and integrate data across different modes of
engaging with voters at scale.

“Through this partnership with Data Trust, we are able to offer the industry’s largest voter-matched panel,” said Jared Schiers, VP of Data Products at Research Now SSI.  “With close to two million unique matched voters in Research Now SSI’s panels in all 50 states, we provide researchers and pollsters the same targeting ability and accuracy found in phone voter samples,” explained Schiers. “Strict matching algorithims, updated monthly, ensure the accuracy of data appended and allow pollsters to merge their offline and online samples together.”