Have you ever dreamt that you planned a party weeks in advance, sent out your invitations and received “yeses” from all your invitees – only to experience the anguish of no one showing up? If not, imagine what it would be like. But instead of a social event it, was a focus group for which you were responsible. Whether you are a moderator, field director or facility owner, your livelihood depends upon your guests showing up, not bearing gifts, but with their honest and thoughtful opinions. We all know how the landscape has changed. Privacy has emerged as a key concern for many, legislation threatens to limit our access to information and people are busier than ever, just some of the underlying reasons why cooperation rates have declined So what can you do to help insure that the right people will “show up for your party?” Come to this interactive workshop where you will learn first hand innovative methods to deal with this new terrain.

PDF from the Galloway/Schrager presentation at the RC Workshop.