Top trade organizations, working with privacy policy advisors, have launched the new “Privacy for America” coalition, which will work with Congress to support enactment of groundbreaking comprehensive federal consumer data privacy and security legislation.

The Insights Association is a founding member of the coalition.

Privacy for America outlined a bold new paradigm for a national law that would make personal data less vulnerable to breach or misuse and set forth clear, enforceable and nationwide consumer privacy protections for the first time, including:

  • Prohibiting a variety of specific data practices, including using a person’s data to deny them a job, credit or healthcare, unless specifically permitted under existing federal or state laws; using personal characteristics like race or color to discriminate against a person in setting prices or determining eligibility for products or services; or sharing consumer data with third parties without enforceable contracts to ensure their lawful use of the data;
  • Creating a new Data Protection Bureau within the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to enhance the FTC’s longstanding expertise in overseeing privacy matters; granting strengthened rulemaking authority to the FTC; and authorizing strict penalties for companies that engage in prohibited privacy practices – to substantially increase privacy oversight and enforcement;
  • Imposing significant restrictions on data use for advertising; and
  • Requiring strong data security protections to guard against data breaches.

"Research reveals strong public support for a federal data privacy law that protects consumers," said David Almy, CEO of the Insights Association. "All businesses benefiting from marketing research and data analytics depend upon the respect and cooperation of individuals. Privacy for America will work with a broad range of stakeholders to build consensus for enactment of this helpful framework into law."

Privacy for America provides a powerful advocacy platform representing data driven industry, with members from virtually every sector of the economy.

The new coalition is guided by experienced advisors in data privacy, cybersecurity and consumer protection, including Stuart Ingis, Co-Chair of Venable LLP’s eCommerce, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Group, and Jessica Rich, former director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the FTC. Rich is advising the coalition, bringing a consumer protection and law enforcement perspective to this effort and helping to ensure the strongest possible outcome. She brings 26 years of FTC experience and an outstanding reputation as a champion for consumers who understands the importance of the digital economy.

"The United States needs a bold new paradigm for privacy legislation," said Ingis. "Our framework would shift the burden from consumers and create new protections backed by enforcement and penalties for those who don’t comply."

In a poll commissioned by Privacy for America, 63 percent of registered voters believed letting the federal government pass a national data privacy law would be the most effective approach to protect consumer data, compared to only 17 percent of registered voters who believed letting individual states pass their own data privacy laws would be most effective. In addition, 92 percent of registered voters said it was important for Congress to pass new legislation to protect consumer data, with 65 percent of voters saying new legislation is very important.

As the coalition has been developing the framework for a federal privacy law, the Insights Association has shared a variety of aspects and policy debates with our members.

Privacy for America members, including the Insights Association, will meet in the coming weeks and months with leaders in Congress, the FTC, the Department of Commerce, the White House, companies across all sectors of the U.S. economy, and other stakeholders.

To learn more and read the coalition’s policy principles, please visit