The Telephone Consumer Protectoin Act (TCPA), which makes it exceptionally difficult to legally call a respondent on their cell phone, is bringing a rash of lawsuits against legitimate businesses, including market research companies. A new report takes a closer look.

"TCPA Litigation Sprawl," a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, looks at the sources and targets of some of the most recent TCPA litigation and concludes that "the only clarity to be found is in the certainty that federal court dockets are overburdened with TCPA litigation."

In the 17 months prior to the 2015 FCC rules expanding TCPA, the report found 2,127 TCPA lawsuits; in the 17-month period after those rules came out, the Chamber found 3,121 TCPA lawsuits.

"Significant settlements and verdicts continue to drive TCPA litigation. Unfortunately, as detailed in the sections that follow, every indication is that with the promise of uncapped statutory damages that can be sought through TCPA litigation (despite any actual damages), and absent significant action from legislators or regulators, as well as conflicting court interpretations, there is little that can stop the spread of TCPA litigation abuse."