Legislation that would have restricted telephone survey research by or for a Missouri state government agency has been defeated.

Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick's H.B. 1485 would have expanded the definition of “telephone solicitation” in RSMo Section 407.1095, such that telephone calls, faxes, and text messages for the purpose of “participation in informational surveys by any state agency or party acting on behalf of a state agency” would have been treated the same as telemarketing, and subjected to the restrictions of the state do not call registry. Had the legislation been approved, it would have increased the cost of Missouri state government agencies’ research efforts and jeopardize the representativeness and reliability of that research. It would also have stigmatized all other bona fide research and hurt participation in non-government research studies.

The Marketing Research Association led a coalition with the American Statistical Association and the Association of Public Data Users, corresponded with relevant Missouri  legislators, and successfully advocated against H.B. 1485. The bill died with the closing of the state legislative session.