Maru/Matchbox, a sector-focused consumer intelligence firm, is pleased to announce the launch of their Implicit Association Test solution.

Implicit Association Tests (IAT) capture consumers’ immediate, gut instinct or subconscious responses to brands, campaigns, new product concepts, packaging designs and a vast array of other related outputs. Free from the biases of conscious rationalization, an IAT offers organizations a chance to study consumers at a deep, emotional level and determine what consumers really feel about brands, products and services.

“We are creating a series of choice-based tools that capture how people behave when they are faced with making a decision,” said Maru/Matchbox Chief Innovation & Solutions Officer, Todd Trautz. “These tools will be used from ideation to simulated in-market purchase decisions. As we build out these tools, we will power them with a choice-based engine that will automate and standardize the creation and output of the choice data into meaningful simulations,” he added.