Marketing Systems Group, a sampling, technology, and solutions provider and Insights Association member, has announced the release of Elevate, a new telephone number screening process. Elevate is designed to improve the efficiency of landline phone files, whether client-provided lists or randomly generated samples.

“Elevate addresses the many requests we receive for a fast, inexpensive and accurate real-time screening process,” said Senior Vice President Jeff Palish. “Having it as an automated and real-time screening process, we’re really breaking down some barriers on accuracy and cost. Turnaround time will be same day or next depending on file size. Elevate reduces time spent dialing nonproductive landline telephone numbers and pre-identifies landline numbers ported to cell. It is extremely accurate and to top it off, it’s TCPA compliant.”

Elevate is the latest addition to the suite of data and list enhancement services offered by MSG:

CellWINS allows clients to identify inactive telephone numbers within a cellular telephone list. Cellphone Identification identifies whether a telephone number is cellular or landline. Cellular Billing Zip Append adds the billing zip code to a set of cellular telephone numbers. Forward Match appends name and phone number to a set of postal addresses, while Reverse Match appends name and address to a set of telephone numbers. Geocoding adds latitude, longitude and census geography to a set of postal addresses and Demographic Appending adds demographics to phone or address lists. These tools used together or individually brings sampling accuracy to a new level.