Communications for Research is Sold to Founder's Son

St. Louis-based market research company Communications for Research, Inc. (CFR), announced that founder and president Jim Steber will retire after 18 years and sell the business to Curtis Burrow and Jim’s son Colson Steber (photo above), both current executives at the company.

Colson Steber and Burrow will assume the title of co-CEOs, while Jim Steber, who has been President of CFR since founding the company in 1997, will join CFR's Board of Directors. Colson Steber, an MRA member and volunteer, and Burrow have been actively managing the company's day-to-day operations for over a year, and are expected to lead the company into continued growth.

New Hire for Probe Research

Probe Research Inc. announced the hiring of Latavia Curtis to do client relations, after ten years with Fieldwork New York.

Azure Knowledge Corporation Adds New Leadership

New Jersey-based Azure Knowledge Corporation recently appointed former TNS North America Director, Ricardo Senra, as Vice President of International Research Services and former Managing Director of Blue Ocean Strategy, Lise C. Dellazizzo, as Senior Vice President for Business Development & Sales.

Azure’s new Vice President of International Research Services, Ricardo Senra has been in research business for over twenty two years and specializes in business-to-business research and consultancy. Lise Dellazizzo, Azure's new Senior Vice President for Business Development, has had over 20 years in research, market intelligence and strategy across major verticals, both regionally and globally.