Companies who need to access the national number portability database include marketing research companies.

As the Insights Association requested in October 2017, iconectiv, the database administrator, updated the website in 2018 to clarify that not all companies accessing the database are "telemarketers."


The Insights Association's letter urged iconectiv to utilize more accurate terminology, saying: "Referring to all entities that have legitimate business needs to access the Intermodal Ported Telephone Number Identification Service (also known as the “Wireless Do Not Call (WDNC) service”) as “telemarketers” or “users who engage in the business of telephone marketing” encourages consumer and regulatory confusion regarding the types of entities who require access to WDNC. The company responded quickly, replying that iconectiv intended no disparagement by the telemarketing terms used, but had used them as a placeholder until better ones could be agreed upon. Fortunately, better terms have finally been used.

Number portability is the ability of a customer (either an individual or business) to take their telephone number with them if they change phone companies (to "port" their number). This porting will apply even in cases where the individual is porting a landline number to a cell phone, which is why the database is so vital to compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) restrictions on calling wireless numbers.