The International Social Survey Program (ISSP) is a collaboration of 41 countries. A 2005 survey of ISSP members asked each member to report on what measures were used to maximize their response rate and rate the effectiveness of different techniques. Among the practices evaluated were:

  1. Respondent incentives
  2. Interviewer bonuses
  3. Length of field periods
  4. Interviewer training
  5. Use of converters
  6. Number of call attempts
  7. Supervision of interviewers
  8. Length of survey
  9. Use of letters, booklets, etc.
  10. Composition of interviewer staff

Great variation exists across countries and organizations and some countries have developed procedures that are rarely used by others, but have clear potential for them. These study results were presented at the 2006 CMOR Repondent Cooperation Workshop.

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