I will present on the Mid-Life in the U.S. Study: Milwaukee African-American Oversample. This part of the study involved 592 CAPI (computer-assisted personal interviews) with African Americans aged 35-85. We listed census blocks to create the sample frame, then screened households by age and race. At the conclusion of the CAPI interview, we asked the respondent to complete a 50-page mail survey booklet. Upon receiving the completed booklet, we called the respondent to ask that they participate in a cognitive testing telephone interview. During the field period, I developed a number of different respondent incentives, and interviewer strategies for gaining cooperation. I will present an overview of the study then focus on these incentives and strategies. I will discuss the affect on our response rate and the feedback we received from respondents.

A presentation from the 2006 Respondent Cooperation Workshop, put on by the Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR) in San Antonio, TX.

PDF of the presentation.