We are delighted to announce the launch of the Member Spotlight series, where we will feature one of our chapter members. Below is episode 1 - an interview with George Brezny of GB Marketing Research Solutions conducted by Marcie Berenson.

Name:  George Brezny
Title:  President
Company:  GB Marketing Research Solutions, LLC
Current City: St. Petersburg, FL
Hometown:  Yonkers, NY
Years in the market research industry:  35

What duties does your current job position include?  I founded GB Marketing Research Solutions, LLC, a company that has a vision that the customer’s voice must be heard.

What do you see coming in the market research industry during the next five years?  A key fact for us all is that technology is driving the industry. We are to the point that we can soon do surveys via Alexa. The privacy ramifications of that is going to be huge. Additionally, with so much “self - serve” MR available to end clients, I think the interpretation of the data might be missed. It is up to the industry to make sure we make clear to clients why research is more than just putting a survey up on Survey Monkey.
How did you first come to work in market research?  I took a marketing class and moved to market research from accounting. In my first position I was hired because “someone knew someone” who helped me. I worked at Nielson, Florida Blue Cross and the U.S. Army before opening GB Marketing Research Solutions, LLC. I am interested in potentially mentoring college students in the future myself.
What led you to joining the MRA?  A desire to liaise with my peers.
What do you do in your spare time - hobbies or activities?  I am a huge Mets and Giants fan! When I am not watching sports, and have the time, I love to play golf.
What would others be surprised to know about you?  I went back to school at night to complete my MBA after one of my positions was downsized. Another fun fact is that I am a musician! One day when I retire I plan to join a band.
Favorite book or movie?  Favorite book is The Third Wave by Steve Case- An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future. Favorite movie is Field of Dreams.
Final comment or quotable:  SO many companies focus on the larger clients. I believe that we are giving back- we focus on the companies of 1-10MM who are on a budget and can’t hire a large firm.