With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) coming into effect at the beginning of 2020, the insights industry has its eye on birthing a comprehensive federal consumer privacy law instead.

As pointed out by Stu Ingis, adviser to our Privacy for America coalition, “if the nearly constant drumbeat of news articles about privacy violations shows anything, it’s that we can’t simply tinker around the edges of the current dynamic in which consumers are too often left trying to decipher whether a company is using their data reasonably, securely, and in line with what they expect – or harnessing it for improper and harmful practices.”

Writing in the Morning Consult, Ingis outlined our proposed privacy legislation and our “fundamentally different approach to change this untenable situation.”

Although Congress has “been working doggedly for months toward a bill that incorporates these types of changes,” Ingies wrote, “the reality is that it’s not an easy lift. Progress toward a strong, national privacy law is going to come slowly – but it is critical that policymakers continue the charge. Both consumers and businesses will thank them.”