Digital Taxonomy, a leading developer of advanced text coding and data automation tools based in the UK, has announced the launch of Codeit Professional.

Codeit Professional is a leading-edge software tool designed to increase the quality and speed of coding unstructured text and other data, including market research survey
verbatims, customer reviews, social media comments and text from Voice of the Customer programs. Building on the success of the original Codeit tool, Codeit Professional utilizes an advanced blend of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Text Analytics technologies to help organizations cost-effectively uncover deep insights from unstructured material.

Pat Molloy, CEO of Digital Taxonomy, commented: “Codeit Professional’s launch signals a massive step change in the power and speed of coding over all existing solutions, whether manual or semi-automated. Codeit Professional will benefit all sizes of organizations, in many different sectors, that need to make sense of free text data.”