MRA enlisted several researchers attending the Corporate Researchers Conference in Dallas in September to report back summaries & insights from the conference sessions. This report, from Matt Case (FedEx), is on “Words and Deeds:  Driving Customer Experience and Performance” by Brian Schwegler, Ph.D. and A. Charles Thomas, USAA.

Brian and Charles gave a very informative presentation on the use of big data and how it can transform an organization from looking at things in the rear view mirror to being proactive and driving results.  USAA has built out an analytics center of excellence by really focusing on the customer and their needs.

From USAA’s perspective, they are on a journey of analytics evolution which follows the following process:

  • Starting point was “Hindsight” where they were predominantly reactive and product and eligibility centric.  They were very much report-focused.
  • Today they are in “Insight” mode where they have people with insight generation skills.  They are looking more at events based on the needs of their members and using a combination of Voice of the Customer, Financial, as well as Behavioral and attitudinal data.
  • Tomorrow they have a vision of “Foresight” and needs based segmentation.  This workforce will be those who are utilizing predictive analytics and very detailed insights.  Work will be predominately proactive.
  • Tomorrow 2.0, as they describe it, really focuses on “Action.”  This takes the “Foresight” concept to the next level by implementing machine learning as well as advanced optimization in ! order to turn the “now what” into “who does what”.  The goal is “Segment of One”, which will deliver Consistent, WOW! Experiences to all their members.

USAA has been successful in combining their research and analytics function to look at the What, How, and Why.  By having these groups work together, they are able to maximize the amount of information they have at their disposal which helps them maintain a very disciplined focus on successful execution.

Brian Schwegler, USAA

Brian Schwegler, USAA