MRA enlisted several researchers attending the Corporate Researchers Conference in Dallas this week to report back summaries & insights from the conference sessions.  This report from Matt Case (FedEx) is on “Making Research More Valuable to Executives” by Brett Hagins, Managing Partner, Research Innovation and ROI, Inc.

Senior executives show the most interest in strategy questions

Two great questions to ask executives:

  1. “What was the biggest decision that research impacted for this year?”
  2. “How did this project impact your decision-making process?”

It is up to the research department to take responsibility for internal idea creation, management and rewards programs.  If we do that, it will enhance the value of everything else we do

3 key takeaways Brett wanted the audience to leave with:

  1. Demonstrating the financial impact of market research
  2. Gaining control of your time through research prioritization processes
  3. Adapting research presentations to corresponding levels where you will present