David heads up the market research team at MINDBODY, a leading technology platform for the fitness, wellness and beauty services industries. Previously he served as Director or Market Research and Market Intelligence at Trend Micro, one of the world’s top ten software and SAAS providers, worked at BizRate.com, Yahoo!, ArcSoft.com and QRA Resources, a boutique market research consultancy to tech companies in the Bay Area.

Q. What technology or technique has you most intrigued right now? 
Applying machine learning to analyzing unstructured and structured data. 

Q. How can researchers make the insights they deliver resonate more strongly across the organization to impact business decisions? 
Wrap a story around the insights – i.e. tell the larger story that the insights support and tell the organization why this story matters.

Q. What are your top challenges right now?

  • Mastering mixed research methodologies to more effectively drive valuable insights.  
  • Experimentation and continual learning.
  • Connecting numerous data points to form valuable insights.
  • Finding ways to conduct research faster and cheaper!
  • Keeping abreast of the latest & greatest through such activities as attending the Insights Association’s NEXT Conference.