Michelle Gansle, Director Consumer Insights, Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Prior to living in Chicago, Michelle had the opportunity to live and work in Europe for four years. She has 20 years of experience in Marketing, Market Research & Business Development, mostly focused in consumer packaged goods industry.

What technology or technique has you most intrigued right now?  
I am excited about the recent proliferation of neuroscience. It has step-changed how we optimize advertising and has so many potential uses in the future beyond advertising – digital, packaging, in-store to name a few.

How can researchers make the insights they deliver resonate more strongly across the organization to impact business decisions?
This is the million-dollar question and one that we are constantly grappling with. As researchers, we spend a lot of time framing the question and answering the question and not near enough time embedding the answer/insights. The insights I have seen to be the most impactful are SIMPLE, visualized impactfully and told and retold to all parts of the business.

What are your top challenges right now? Tell us what you are doing to address them. 
With the ease of data access and speed of change in the industry, insights are being democratized in the business and there is no more room for research that takes 6-8 weeks. Our role in the future will be to harness those insights throughout the business, connect the dots and make sense of the valuable insights from the noise and to drive foresight. To address them, we are looking at how we partner with different parts of the organization to be more agile in insight generation and with external agencies to move faster.