To “fuel… breakthrough innovations” in the fight against COVID-19, the Republican ranking member on the House Energy & Commerce Committee says that Congress needs to “build and keep consumer trust” by taking action on “a national data privacy standard.”

Writing in an op-ed on May 7, 2020, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA-05) said that, “there should be a workable national standard for data privacy that sets clear rules for transparency on how data is used, stored and shared” in order to “prevent a worst-case scenario.” Her comments align well with the national privacy law we’re seeking with the Privacy for America coalition.

Most importantly, she said, such a law will ensure “we will make an even stronger comeback and build trust in the private sector to keep innovating for decades to come, especially with data-driven advancements made possible by artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing.”