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This special episode of Audible Insights was co-hosted and produced in partnership with Insights Association member Engagious, which hosts its own podcast for professionals making an impact at the crossroads of branding, content creation, storytelling, and market research.

About Our Guest

Kristin has over 20 years of experience as a serial marketing measurement technology entrepreneur. Her advisory and consulting practice, Luck Collective, focuses on nontraditional growth strategies for data-driven technology firms and market research companies, as well as emerging CPG and direct-to-consumer brands. She advises and consults for such high-growth brands as Voxpopme, Kelton, SameSurf, Evelyn & Bobbie and Humm Kombucha. Kristin brings a perspective to growth that transcends sales and marketing and is skilled at optimizing efforts and calibrating teams for growth that’s both immediate and sustainable while ensuring maximum company valuation.

She also is the founder of WIRe (Women in Research) a global non-profit that champions diversity in the marketing research industry, supporting events and educational programming across five continents.  WIRe’s mission is to foster inclusion and advance the contributions and voice of women and other marginalized groups in research, both for themselves and the greater good of the market research industry.

[3:30] – Evolving Quant-side data reporting so that it thematically ties to the brand.

[4:20]  – How better storytelling can help corporate researchers gain traction internally with their stakeholders.

[5:45]  – Knowing what to leave out of your research reports so you don’t overwhelm clients.

[6:52]  – The biggest mistakes researchers make in their attempts at storytelling.

[9:40]  – Lessons for market research learned from growth hacking.

[12:00]  – How to sell with an effective narrative.

[13:58]  – How B2B can burst the “boring” perception & tell an effective sales story.

[18:50]  – Tips to enhance engagement with a data presentation.

[19:58]  – How video is enhancing in-the-moment feedback.

[20:54]  – What’s happening at Women In Research (WIRe). Positive changes and where more work needs to be done to increase diversity in MR leadership.  

[24:12]  – Overcoming unconscious bias to make sure you surround yourself with diverse perspectives.