Morning Consult today made five predictions for 2020. One of them was for a difficult 2020 Census.

Eli Yokely reminded readers that the decennial headcount will happen next year, in addition to the 2020 elections, and it "will have political implications for the decade to come since it serves as the basis for congressional reapportionment." Yokely continued:

"Howard Fienberg, vice president of advocacy at the Insights Association and co-director of The Census Project, said the government has not adequately prepared for the census, particularly in rural and tribal areas, due to inadequate funding. 

“There is a reasonable concern that because they keep jerking around on funding and take so long in Congress to get around to finalizing the funding that it could have downstream effects on the data,” he said. “Nothing is certain because we didn’t do enough testing.” 

He said an accurate count is all the more important with roughly 1 in 5 states — including Alabama, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania — on the bubble of losing a seat in Congress at the end of the count."